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Dream A Dream and Make it Real

                 2 All I had ever done was dream of visiting a foreign land. For the longest time, I had my eyes on a country known as Japan, and for me, it was always ever thought of as a dream that if it was to ever be accomplished would be when I finally reached my 30’s, broke down, had a midlife crisis a  nd ran away to explore the world. Luckily enough I never actually had to wait for that time to come, for a little known program known as CIEE, helped me accomplish a taste of that dream much earlier on in my life, saving people like me from well…. taking drastic measures.

                As a little introduction, so you don’t wonder who this random person speaking on this blog is, my name is Andrew Henry. I come from a little place known as Cape Cod, Massachusetts yet now live in the somewhat big city of Rochester, NY. I am currently a 5th year dual major at Rochester Institute of Technology, studying Printing (the schools term is New Media Publishing) and Chemistry. My whole reasoning for taking part in this fantastic opportunity to come to Japan was the following:

  1. It’s my last year, and I wanted to do something with it that would be memorable.
  2. I’m working on a minor in Japanese Language and Culture, and what better way to learn then to go to the host country for studies.
  3. I get to fulfill a long awaited dream.

                I decided to choose japan because for a long time, that long awaited dream was admiration for both the language and the culture. The language to me was the most catchy and interesting, and the use of symbols for writing I thought was amazing. The Culture, especially what is depicted in historical japan, always held an intriguing beauty that I was never able to experience in the United States. And so here I am, living a dream thousands of miles away from my comfort zone, in another country that is backwards from any lifestyle I have ever kn1own, and I must say that it is the most amazing experience I have ever had (at least so far that is).

                In the few weeks that I have been here, I have exposed myself to so many knew things  including food choices, religious history, people, foreign policies, and have over all experience how it feels to be a part of a minority. In the weeks to come I look forward to sharing more of my  experiences as I visit landmarks, and see traditions of a rich culture unlike anything I have seen.


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