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The people in Harujuku are among the most fashionable that I have seen. They are like the punk icons of Japan. In Harujuku the strict demands of Japanese society fall to the ground and are swept underneath the rug. Here they are replaced with freedom and individuality. It is so amazing to see all of the maid costumes and individual outfits that represent the pop culture of Harujuku tutu Japan. I myself have been smitten by the tutu. I bought three an orange one a spider one and a black one with bows! I plan to bring this fad to the US although I doubt it will go over well! One of the more remarkable sites in Japan I have seen was a person and not a landmark. This old man stood at the gate of Harujuku 
with a home made hat..consisting of boards, various inatimate objects and a baby doll glued to his hat. This however was not the most extreme part of his outfit. There he stood with two live goldfish in fish bowls dangling from his ears. I highly recommend visiting Harujuku if you want a taste of the flavor of underground Japan.


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