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Ja, Mata Minnesota, Konnichiwa Tokyo!

´╗┐Konnichiwa! My name is Whitley , but I go by Whit! I am a total otaku..which in japanese means nerd. B-)! I have been taking japanese for about 6 years total. Three years in high school back home in Minnes-O-ta and 3 years in college. I am extremely intrigued by the japanese culture because it is so vastly different from my own in the Western World. There really is no great right or wrong way to describe the fantastic learning oppurtunities that await anyone who is able to study abroad! In this blog I do not wish to give you any answers to the dos and donts in Japanese society, but I strive to give you the account of an average scared and somewhat prepared foreigner leaving home for the first time. I am a mere example of countless students who chose to study abroad and encourage you to read a variety of other blogs offered on this website and others.

    On a side note some of my personal passions and interests focus on the ideas of psychology and sociology and I wish to examine ideas such as how it feels to be part of the minority for the first time and societal conduct abroad.  Some commentaries may be serious, while others may be silly, but I hope all are influential and comparable to your own lives and experiences. Thanks for reading!


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