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The Next Best Thing Since the Eiffel Tower

Tokyo Tower                 One of the subjects Tokyo is most notorious for is that big shiny peak that glows in the night sky. Of course I’m talking about Tokyo’s landmark, the Tokyo Tower. On one of the first weekends available to me between classes, I had the opportunity to scale the luxurious glowing landmark with a good friend of mine from school. It was a nice clear night and we were feeling venturous. On the way to the tower (it was a decent 10 minute walk from Hamamatsucho station) we first came across Zojo-ji temple, and we were able to walk through the grounds on the way to the tower.

                A little background about this temple (more can be found online, in guidebooks, etc.) is that it is the main temple of the Jodo Buddhist sect, and later became the family temple of the Tokugawa family. The front gates of the temple alone were huge, and a glorious, yet also scary, sight to behold. It kind of felt like one of those horror movies: an area that looks dark and scary, you know you should probably stick to the lit road, but your curiosity has the best of you and you decide against your better judgment to head on through. No need to worry, though, all was safe. A very nice night view of the tower can be seen from inside the temple gates.

Zojo-ji Temple                 Upon arriving to the tower, everything was lit up and there were many people roaming around (also, there was a very nice crepe stand at the base of the tower). An elevator takes you up to the main observatory decks and from there you have a view of the surrounding area. All in all (because let’s face it, spoilers aren’t nice) the tower, and the view, is a great romantic spot, in my opinion, as well as a great photography spot, day or night. I would suggest experiencing this landmark yourself if you get the chance, because it really is breathtaking.


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The Tokyo tower is definitely a Tokyo landmark. It is comparable to France's Eifel tower.

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