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Street Style: Hitting up Harajuku the Right Way

Okay, so you've probably all heard of Cosplay Bridge (well... you may know it as Harajuku bridge or JinguBashi); Where all of the lolitas cosplayers congregate every Sunday. People I know in Japan (including lolitas who generally participate in this weekly pageantry), the internet, Japanese magazines, pretty much everyone I've ever talked to about Harajuku has mentioned this spot and what generally takes place. So about 12 of us decided that today we would get all dressed up and make the trip to 原宿の橋 to try and get some pictures with local fashionistas. It was boiling outside, and we all had on various forms of heavy dresses, tulle under-skirting, and wig-etry making it even hotter, but we went through with it because we all really wanted to take part. Now take a second look at that picture on the top left and see if you can tell me what the problem is. 

Got it yet? Here's a hint: who do you see in the photo? That's right. Us. Not a single person outside of our CIEE group. It was kind of sad really, because we had all been looking forward to this event we had heard so much about! The funny part was, people starting coming by with their cameras and asking to take our pictures. We ended up becoming the very attraction we had come to see.  Personally, I think part of the reason nobody was there today is that it was really far to hot to be standing out in the sun. ESPECIALLY in outfits with so many hidden sources of heat. I would go again to hopefully see some people, but definitely not in the middle of August. It's far too hot and as fun as it was, a lot of the enjoyment was spoiled by the humidity and overwhelming temperature.

Now of course I couldn't let a good pair of (excruciatingly painful) new Shibuya 109 high heels go to waste, I had to do some walking around Takeshita Dori! I met up with Jamie at the train station to have some more Harajuku fun. 
We started the afternoon with some purikura, in perfect BGE tradition. It was especially fun getting to do it with my big hair on.  It's a pretty convincing style, don't you think? 
We also went to lunch in a cafe. They had some delicious fruit pancakes with ice cream. Maybe it wasn't the healthiest lunch, but it was a delicious way to cool down when it was far too crowded to push all the way down to the crepe place. I'd always heard that Sunday was the busiest day since nobody has school (and yes, school does happen on Saturdays for many students here), but WOW I didn't realize it would be so insanely packed! It was almost impossible to get anywhere. Everywhere we went had lines wrapping around to the back of the store, one even went all the way outside. We only went about 1/8 of the way down Takeshita Dori because all the people were so packed in. I have never seen such insanity! 


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