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The Fireworks! July 31st

For one of the biggest firework shows during the summer, I decided that it would be best if I went and viewed with my host family.

This show was held on July 31st at 7pm but of course, we had to get there much earlier in order to get a good enough spot amongst the thousands of people that would be going to see the show.

To prepare, my host mother offered to loan me on of her sister’s Yukatas from when they were children.  She knew that I had always wanted to try one on and was more than happy to assist me in the fine art of tying.  


Unfortunately, “Yukata is not made for those with such nice curves” according to my host mother lol so, after putting on the dress and before tying the bow, we had to make some adjustments.  It took 3 rolled towels, a piece of cardboard, and a few bandages before I was able to flatten out my sides to make for a pretty bow.  This however made it very hot to wear along with it already being hard to walk in.  Still I wanted to fully commit to the occasion.



After we were all finally dolled up and ready to go, we took a cool cab to the train station.  This cab’s doors open automatically for you before you enter.  I felt like such a tourist staring at the door in awe. 

Then we joined the hundreds of people on the trains to the Showa Kinen National Memorial Park.

These were by far the biggest and best fireworks I had ever seen.  Each had its own presenter who named the awards that each showcase had won in competition.  I was amazed.  It was much bigger than the rinky-dink shows thrown together in New York for the 4th of July.

Fw1 Fw2









There were so many different designs and shapes from bows, to sunflowers.  Some that glittered and some that popped.  It kept us entertained.



















Festivals and fireworks are a huge part of the summer culture in Japan, so whenever you can, be sure to venture out to one and experience it yourself!

















Again, it is simply amazing! So do it!


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