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This isn't goodbye, just a "see you later"

As this program comes to an end, I am forced to reflect on all the emotional blabber that has effected me and changed my mindset since I have been here.

Only 1 month and I already feel so connected to Japan as if it were my first home.  The culture and way of life is completely different from America yet I still find so many similarities.  I have gotten to speak directly to natives about life here, both the good and bad and have learned much more than what can be found in a travel brochure.

This entire experience is one I would reccomend that anyone take full advantage of.  Yeah school gets hard and in the way but there is really tons of time to really dive into the life and culture.

Here, I would like to offer my top 10 spots to visit in Japan (in no specific order) and for those who are like me, you may fall in love at first sight.

1) Matsumoto Castle - part of our excursion                                                                              











2)Wasabi Farm - Try the ice cream! - another excursion stop









3) Ghibli Museum - final excursion stop, near the hotel  -->3




4)  Tsunahachi Tempura - Shinjuku - try the ice cream! ---->










5) Don Ki - Ultimate store for crazy random items for cheap (also, see the 100- Yen store and 390 Yen stores in Harajuku for souveniers and clothes)





6)  Government Building - This is part of the Sophia Tour of Tokyo.  We went to the observation deck  -->






7) Mount Takao - Easy to get to, tiring to climb, but its baby fuji and you can see all the mountains from its peak.





8) Disney Sea - Just, AMAZING.  Make sure you stay for the firework show at 7! -->


9) Narukawa Art Museum - A bit far, out in Odawara by the Odakyu somewhere but if you can, GO! --> Famous piece of Japanese Art





10)  Mt. Fuji - need I say more?



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